Hal Sparks Radio Pgm -- Ted Cruz Faux Filibuster Fundraising, 9/28/13
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Ted Cruz is beyond ridiculous. Hal couldn't resist spending some time on his faux filibuster -- aka fundraising speech -- and I couldn't resist the Seuss moment. You have to hear Cliff Schecter nail the Cruz irony deficiency for "Casual Fridays" on the Majority Report, which I bastardized badly.

Here's the Ted Cruz tweet that makes it clear his staff rivals him in a lack of basic governing lingo: "SCOTUS is what?"

In all seriousness, the House GOP is moving the country toward a governmental shut down so they can continue their temper tantrum. Even if a budget manages to pass, the debt ceiling is right around the corner. Don't forget to thank former representative, now governor, Mike Pence (R-IN) for kicking off the debt ceiling-budget merry-go-round. (My piece on Pence and his cohorts: anti-woman language to the budget they passed at midnight Sunday morning, should give you deja vu. They haven't learned anything from 2012; let's make sure we have.

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