Breaking Down Privilege: "We are each other's sandpaper" -- Dangerous Conversation, New Media Mondays (07/22/2013)
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"That's how we learn about each other: we are each other's sandpaper," host Scott Legere.

Iman Gandy -- aka The Angry Black Lady -- and I were back on Dangerous Conversation, this time for New Media Mondays. Our first round with Ledge and his on air team lead to a heated debate on reproductive rights. This time we hit on race, gender, privilege and the way they intersect to shape personal experience and public discourse. As always, there was time for sarcasm, laughter, silliniess and profanity. If honesty and directness aren't your thing, you'll want to skip this 75 minutes. If you want to hear sterotypes challenged and debated, check it out and check back for our next appearance.

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Senior Legal Analyst and researcher/writer at RH Reality Check.

Editor and radio co-host at This Week In Blackness

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Raging Chicken Press, Dominating Democracy and This Week in Blackness, Picketers vs Patients

For those who are new to DC's New Media Mondays, Ledge finds dissenting voices imperative to democratic discourse, so he has a regular rotation of writers and radio/podcast hosts who's viewpoints are as varied as their subjects. I'm honored to be included as the loud, female voice in the crowd. Look for me every six-eight weeks in the 4pmEST hour on RadioIO.
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