"Papal Praise" -- Dangerous Conversation, New Media Mondays (09/23/13)
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I took my papal praise radio tour on Dangerous Conversation for New Media Mondays. We talked about my piece Oh. My. God. on a shift in culture from the Vatican and its possible effect on Americans no matter their religious heritage. Lee Camp got a mention for being in the "I can't believe I'm praising the pope" predictament along with me: What the Pope has Said That's Too Dangerous to Talk About. Ledge is slightly concerned that Lee's MOC may lead to the apocolypse, so watch at your own risk.

Other topics included optimism for LGBT rights, abortion access, contraception mainstreaming, stem cell research normalization, and -- of course -- masturbation. Ledge gets a bit nostalgic about his seed, so this is for him: the bit from John Fugelsang on the history of the church's stance concerning "spilling your seed" and its centuries-long misinterpretation: "Birth Control vs Fake Christians".

We discuss American Catholics and their incorrect rep as a conservative voting block, me telling the story of the Chicago Police Dept captain who didn't appreciate the 14-Foot guilt Jesus across from a clinic where I escorted. (The particular protest that prompted the erection of the Guilt Jesus is returning and it's nationwide. Follow Robin Marty's blog for info on the "40 Days For Life" invasion coming to your community.)

Of course, not everyone is excited about or gets the nuanced change happening in Vatican politics. I fell required to include at least one dissenting voice. From RH Reality Check: "My Short Lived Hope for a More Compassionate Catholic Church"

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