So Hobby Lobby happened. Businesses and corporations aren’t just people; they’re now religious people. Despite EVERYONE calling it a “narrow” decision, immediate rulings in both lower district courts AND right there at SCOTUS made it clear feminists aren’t being alarmist banshees. Hal and I make some light of Hobby Lobby for sanity’s sake, while hopefully conveying the importance of the deacon and the ramifications especially for low-income workers without many employment options.

In Dalia Lithwick’s predictably brilliant piece for Slate, she dispels the “narrow” narrative this way (emphasis mine):

[I]n an unsigned emergency order granted Thursday evening, the very same court said that this very same workaround it had just praised was also unconstitutional, that this workaround also burdened the religious freedom of religious employers. Overnight, the cure has become the disease. Having explicitly promised that Hobby Lobby would go no further than Hobby Lobby, the court went back on its word, then skipped town for the summer.

Meanwhile, clergy in Illinois protest Hobby Lobby by handing out condoms — at Hobby Lobby. This is my favorite thing.

Hal and I also went into what Free Speech is and isn’t exactly — aka, you aren’t free from consequences ones the speech leaves your lips. And we trace all this conservative fear and outrage back to the whole women and brown people demanding their rights, slowly but surely. Rich white dudes are thinking “revolution,” yanno, to protect themselves.

And Hal describes the states (including his home state of Kentucky) opposing same-sex marriage as being “in the business of animal husbandry.” I cosign.

We also took some callers. You can be one of those, by the way: 773-763-9278.

Links to on-air references:

"Quick Change Justice While you were sleeping, Hobby Lobby just got so much worse" by Dahlia Lithwick at Slate

"Illinois Clergy Protest SCOTUS Ruling By Giving Out Condoms At Hobby Lobby” by Caitlin MacNeal at Talking Points Memo

"Sirius XM radio host Anthony Cumia fired over 'racially charged’ tirade”

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