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The most important message from today’s podcast: VOTING MATTERS, so FindYourFuckingPollingPlace and share with your networks so they know where to vote as well. If you’re disillusioned with national politics, I get it. That just makes your local school board, state representatives, etc. MORE important.

Hal and I talked about SO much related to voting and elections. There are pile of links and additional resources in the blog extras at I’m including the links to the on-air references below, but to get the extra write-ups and context, check out the full podcast notes on my blog.

Links to on-air references:

Paul Weyrich on voter suppression: ”I don’t want everybody to vote” via Media Matters For America

Listen to all things Imani Gandy on This Week In Blackness

"Black Women Are an Electoral Voting Force. Recognize.” by Imani Gandy, RH Reality Check

"What’s Up With All These Voting Restrictions?: A GIF-splanation” by Imani Gandy, RH Reality Check

Find out about the FIVE BALLOT initiatives in ILLINOIS

Know your voting rights in Illinois via AFLCIO and ACLU

Antichoice bills are on the ballot in three states (VOTE NO on all):

COLORADO: "Colorado’s ‘Personhood’ Amendment Is an Attack on Women of Color” by Cristina Aguilar at RH Reality Check

NORTH DAKOTA: "North Dakota Ballot Measure Would Declare Life Begins At Conception” via Talking Points Memo

TENNESSEE: "The Nation's Biggest Abortion Battle Is Playing Out in Tennessee” by Molly Redden at Mother Jones

"California’s Innovative Experiment To Tackle Abortion Stigma” by Tara Culp-Ressler at Think Progress

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