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332 abortion restrictions in 43 states. Just in the first quarter of 2015. THREE-HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO IN FORTY-THREE STATES. I’m going to keep saying it until everyone gets that the all-out assault on bodily autonomy is happening to them. It’s time to get mad, y’all.

Hal is all in. It’s been gratifying watching him get more angry and righteous on this issue over the past few years. Today, in response to the attempted systematic elimination of trained abortion providers, he asked a question I can only nod in answer to:

"There's no way the people crafting [‪#‎abortion‬ restriction] bills don't know what will happen; are they just comfortable with a killing field of women?”

I talk about the forced malpractice of the “misinformed consent” laws and the ways anti-abortion legislators and activists are driving providers out of business with lawsuits, expensive litigation fighting unconstitutional laws, & harassing/targeting them incessantly.

We also gave it to Rand Paul who apparently doesn’t know about Ayn Rand’s pro-choice stance. And I showed some uncharacteristic love to Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her unapologetic, unflinching abortion stance.

Links to on-air references:

"Trends in the States: First Quarter 2015” via Guttmacher Institute

"In Arizona, Arkansas, women must be told that abortion can be ‘reversed’” at WaPo

"The ‘Science’ Behind Arizona’s Mandatory ‘Abortion Reversal’ Advice” by Dr. David A. Grimes

My friend, OGBYN/abortion provider that I quoted: Dr. Leah Torres

My piece for RHRC: "‘Living in the Crosshairs’ Puts Human Face on Grim Clinic Violence Statistics”

My interview at Upworthy: "Can spa-like surroundings help reduce the stigma surrounding abortion?”

"Kansas Limits Abortion Method, Opening a New Line of Attack” at The New York Times

"Debbie Wasserman Schultz Answers Rand Paul on Abortion, Paul Promptly Distorts the Hell Out of It” via ”Little Green Footballs

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