"Sailor Female" -- Dangerous Conversation, New Media Mondays (05/20/2013)
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I love doing Dangerous Conversation. Quite simply, it's as much fun to be on as it is to listen. Host Scott Ledger and I agree about half the time and I enjoy both halves. When we disagree, debate is intelligent and constructive -- though often heated and passionate. I have to be caffienated and prepared with my A game.

This particular segment was the roll out for New Media Mondays. Ledge finds dissenting voices imperative to democratic discourse, so he has a regular Monday rotation of writers and radio/podcast hosts who's viewpoints are as varied as their subjects. I was honored to be asked to be a loud, female voice in the crowd. Look for me every six-eight weeks in the 4pmEST hour on RadioIO.

As Kermit Gosnell had just been convicted, we talked a fair amount about the reality of abortion access, my time escorting at women's clinics in Chicago and why prochoice is the real prolife stance. We aren't always this heavy and even with the topic, we always have time for innuendo and silliness. I continue to appreciate how real the show's host and producers are when vacilating between serious and light-hearted. They also never hold back when asking questions from their own perspectives. Ledge discusses a woman in his life terminating a pregnancy and how she felt while asking me about my experience.

And then...the First Amendment. Plenty of time for that every time. On the anniversary of the Chicago NATO conference, I may have had a few words on the police state. In the Venn diagram of liberal--libertarian, there is always common ground in the Constitution.

Oh, and I left in the intro because it's the best I've gotten yet. Glad that my ability to wield profanity is appreciated, almost as much as my speaking my mind with no holding back. I feel the same way about you, gentlemen. 

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