Hal Sparks Radio Pgm -- Anniversary Episode Live in NYC! 8/23/13
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Happy Anniversary and thank you, Todd Akin! Seriously. A year ago today, Hal brought me on because "legitimate rape" was said out loud by a candidate for United States Senate. In this episode, live in studio from NYC, we hit on everything from foreign policy and disaster capitalism to transgender and feminist issues.

I get personal -- Again. Spoiler alert: I'm not heteronormative and it's a part of my identity like being tall, cis, female, white and adopted. it's a descripter of who I am. If you're freaking out, check yourself and leave me out of it. For more info on the non-monogomy and non-conforming behavior subscribe to the fantastic Tristan Taormino's podcast, Sex Out Loud.

Everyone must, must, must read the piece by the amazing Janet Mock on the battle for trans*-inclusive health care and how it affects Chelsea Manning: http://janetmock.com/2013/08/22/chelsea-manning-transgender-healthcare/

ICYMI, here's where you find Naomi Klein's book, The Shock Doctrine. Also, Hal does his recap on Manning, Snowden and whistleblowing in general. (Sidenote: just because I'm on the show doesn't mean we are the same person; this is not the Borg; I have my own opinions. #kthx)

And it's the 50th Anniversary March on Washington -- Jobs and Justice. Read this exerpt via The Nation Magazine on all us misremembering The Dream; which took us to friend of the show, Lee Camp's bit on teaching history that actually happened

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