Hal Sparks Radio Pgm -- Chicago stands up to ALEC, 8/10/13
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Chicago was ground zero in the fight against the encroaching corporatocracy when the 40th anniversary party for the American Legislative Exchange Council descended August 6-9. Hal and I talk the broad coalition protesting which included teachers, fast food workers, students, pilots, parents, occupiers, libertarians, and real -- for real -- conservatives. I get a big angry when discussing activist friends being introduced to the pavement and being arrested despite wielding nothing but camera phones, permits and the First Amendment.

I touch on what ALEC is, how it operates, the whistle blowing that lead to the Center for Media and Democracy's ALEC Exposed project/documentary, and why all those school privatization and Stand Your Ground laws look eerily similar. Spoiler alert: it's not because legislators across the country are telepathic.

More to read/watch:

The Nation's Micah Uetricht covered the actions: ALEC Convention Met With Protests in Chicago and Same Old ALEC

For pics/tweets from protesters and citizen journalists from the events visit Heavy's website.

For additional background on ALEC, see Rick Perlstein's reporting in The Nation -- ALEC's Illegal Past?; The Best of the Left Podcast's activism segment -- ALEC in Education; and the always on-point Cliff Schecter's piece for AlJazeera -- Unarmed and Dangerous?

By the way, Wisconsin:

Independent photojournalist and Wisconsin native Jenna Pope was arrested for singing at the capitol in Madison. Check her post at JennaPope.Com.

ALEC photo credit: Natalie Solidarity

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