Hal Sparks Radio Pgm -- Dominating Democracy, 7/13/13
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Hal gives a great intro on the current wave of anti-choice laws/bills, complete with all the reasons I'm proud to be on air discussing women's rights with him so frequently. We go into the substance of my piece, Dominating Democracy, where I put reproductive rights in the broader context of our larger democracy. Make no mistake, the GOP has no regard for our country's history or process. 

Excerpt: "In no place outside your fantasy of a martini greeting at the door with dinner of its way out of the over and your slippers being presented to you by your obedient wife with her perfectly coiffed hair-do does legislating a woman's bodily autonomy exist as a thing that works...So, STOP IT. Women are having none of it. We're screaming and people are paying attention. Very quickly the coalition broadened beyond the predictable organizations and allies. You are infringing on the human rights of your citizenry and you are trampling all over democracy to do it."

I am also including the segment after mine where Hal & John play the entire clip of Sarah Slamen attempting to testify at the Texas statehouse. Also, Hal coins the word "midwiffery" -- pronounced "Mid-whif-hery" -- just before a Monty Python reference so fast you'll almost miss it.

Here's the information on the reporting from Ari Berman on voting rights as published in The Nation. His appearance on The Majority Reportjust after the SCOTUS decision does an amazing job of breaking down the likely outcome and what's already happening in the states formerly covered by Section Five.

You can also find my piece, Dominating Democracy, on Raging Chicken Press.
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