Hal Sparks Radio Pgm -- Louie Gohmert needs to stop talking segment, 5/25/13
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...wherein Hal and John discuss women's reproductive rights in front of -- but not with -- me. They were taking their cues from Congress, where the all male, all rich, all white GOP panel parade continues in an effort to elminate my bodily autonomy. I continue to take it personally. I explain why Louie Gohmert can't have it both ways, using technology to detect a heart beat and therefore necessitate banning abortions post-20-weeks while proclaiming that a woman carrying a non-viable fetus detected by similar technology should "wait...and see."

We also discuss what "strict constitutionalist" actually mean. Spoiler alert: it means anti-every-who-isn't-a-white-male-landholder. 

I call for the marginalizing of women's clinic picketers, to turning them into the next Westboro Baptist Church -- mocked and deserving of our communal scorn. The discussion resulted in my Picketers vs Patients piece which has garnered much attention from the "Pro-Life" Action League.

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