Hal Sparks Radio Pgm -- No War With Syria 9/7/13
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This segment is almost entirely dedicated to the campaign for intervention in Syria. Hal and I discuss how the War Powers Act has changed executive power over the last several administration, President Obama seeking approval for "limited engagement" from Congress and how we both hope for a peaceful, diplomatic solution before any bombs are launched.

There is a great humanitarian need with millions of Syrians having fled their own country. Listen to my activism segment for The Best of the Left Podcast -- No War With Syria and click on the YouTube "About" tab to sign the petitions from Rep. Alan Grayson and CREDO Action urging your legislators to refrain from adding to the bloodshed.

You can get more background on the conflict from two great Majority Report segments: 9/5 Ali Gharib: Syria Action Does Not Have To Mean War and 9/4 Matt Duss: Don’t Attack Syria.

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