Hal Sparks Radio Pgm -- Papal Praise! 9/21/13
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Moral ambiguity episode! wherein I join Hal and John mid-Ted Cruz discussion. I couldn't resist including the lead-in ahead of my segment because, well, Braveheart reference. Also, Hal boils the Conservative/GOP/Republican party's challenge with gendery equality and LGBT rights down to the white, rich patriarchal majority's trouble understanding the concept of consent. Marriage equality and contraception are not "slippery slopes," so just stop it.

Then we get to it: I like this pope. I said it. No, he isn't perfect. Please reread the previous paragraph about moral ambiguity. I wrote about the shift in focus out of the Vatican -- "Oh. My. God." -- and why it matters what he said last week whether you're Catholic or not.

The technical issues out of the WCPT studio (hooray, phone line fun!) meant Hal and I couldn't hear each other for much of the segment. Hang with us and stay tuned -- I'll be in Chicago to broadcast live and in person coming up!
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