Hal Sparks Radio Pgm -- Talkin' Texas, 6/29/13
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Rick Perry is just awful. That's not exactly news. TX Senator Wendy Davis standing up to him and his anti-woman cohorts for more than ELEVEN STRAIGHT HOURS, however, is dramatic, comendable news largely ignored by major corporate media. Nearly 200,000 people watched the livestream feed as Davis stood between SB5 -- a bill that would reduce the number of abortion clinics in her state to 5 -- and the women of Texas. When republicans succeeded in shutting her down and democrats ran out of rules or order to back her up, supporters outside the chamber screamed and yelled to run out the clock -- a moment so dramatic it continues to bring tears to my eyes. The Texas Tribune YouTube page has tons of available video, including the last few minutes: as republicans attempted to call the roll despite the noise.

The Texas legislature begins a second expensive (to the tune of a likely $800,000) legislative session to try again. The tireless Jessica Luther has all the information on how you can help from anywhere in the country and will be tweeting from the capitol on Monday, July 1 as legislators return. This fight is about all of us as Ohio lawmakers made clear when they crammed every imaginable abortion restriction they could think of into the budget they passed on Friday. Robin Marty of RH Reality Check has the latest on Ohio where lawsuits will be the only recourse when Gov Kasich signs the budget today.

This is what the GOP is doing in "off" years. They think no one is watching, that no one will see. It is our democratic duty to watch and then to vote when the legislators who seek to eliminate our rights ask us to rehire them. So, tune in and pass it on.

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