Hal Sparks Radio Prgm -- Fetal Masturbation Leads to 20-week Abortion Ban Segment, 6/22/13
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"Fetal masturbation" is the newest "reasoning" for limiting women's access to abortion care -- and it's introduced into the national legislative debate by former OBGYN, Rep. Burgess. We have the amazing audio. 

The House passes a draconian 20-week abortion ban that hardly gives a passing glance at the woman carring the fetus. Forget "health of the mother," we're in "life of the mother" language and territory, which narrows the allowance to an alarming window of immedicacy. (Seriously, go get Crow After Roe and hear more about why language is important and what the red flags are in legislation.)

I get an online visit from the head of the "ProLife" Action League who stops by my blog personally to imply that the PLAL is thrilled with me and that I should "Keep On Talking!"

And, finally, Hal and I discuss why pro-choice, pro-woman advocates/activists feel such kinship with the LGBTQ movement: it's the same assholes who find us all threatening. Hal's description of what causes that and the long human rights struggles resulting from patriarchal discomfort are can't-miss!

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