Hal Sparks Radio Prgm -- I'm officially a feminist menace segment, 6/8/13
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Hal and I discuss my new position as thorn-in-the-side of the "Pro-Life" Action League who flipped out over my Picketers vs Patients piece. We take the time to give Allen West what he deserves over his snide comments concerning rape in the military, including the history behind conflating the issue of female sexuality with genocide. (Not kidding...)

And I get slightly loud and angry over the possiblity that the Anonymous member who passed on PUBLICLY AVAILABLE social media posts in order to get the Stubenville rapists prosecuted may serve more than 5x the jail sentence as the actual rapists.

I give mention to a badass new book, Crow After Roe which everyone who cares about women's access to care should go get immediately. Show the authors, Robin Marty and Jessica Mason Pieklo some appreciation; they're both awesome Twitter follows!

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