Hal Sparks Radio Prgm -- Tag Team Patriarchal Smackdown Segment, 6/15/13
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That's it. Hal and I have both had enough of the "You fed us the apple, you are intrinsically less-than" nonsense GOP legislators aren't even bothering to dance around anymore. What happened to all that "outreach training?" We take on the 20-week ban that passed the House judiciary committee (I still don't know what the hell they're doing discussing abortion), the all-out assault on women's access to reproductive care and a reminder from Hal that it isn't stopping at abortion. Santorum wasn't an anomoly, ladies, they're after your birth control.

Then I make my pitch for restriction-free abortion care. We trust our medical community through groups like the American Medical Association to dictate ethical practices on everything from organ transplantation to prescription writing. Why does abortion need a special set of laws to tell doctors what is appropriate for their patients? (Spoiler alert: it's not about protecting women, it's about controlling them.)

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