Hal Sparks Radio Pgm -- Confessions of a Single Woman, 8/3/13
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It turns out I'm 34, single, female and I enjoy sex. I don't care if that makes Pat Robertson or his friends uncomfortable. In this country, I have a constitutional right to live my life the way I want. I build long-term, affectionate relationships that include physical expression and -- gasp! -- pleasure. I suggest you deal with it. Or, better yet, don't deal with it. Don't worry about. Go find yourself a hobby that doesn't include spying in my bedroom. We'll both be happier. 

The North Carolina governor and his condescending cookies are about more than "protecting the unborn" or even regulating my access to birth control. It's rooted in the Puritanical heritage of our patriarchy that can't help itself from telling me what's proper, appropriate, acceptable, or good for me.

Hal and I touch on that as well as the latest in reproductive justice and renaming the "War on Women" to be more inclusive. Writer Lauren Rankin has a piece in Truthout everyone should read: Not Everyone Who Has an Abortion is a Woman. Check your cis privilege -- especially if that sentence makes no sense to you at all.

I also recommend a recent Majority Report interview with Sam Seder and Jodi Jacobson on stigma and the broader background to the anti-choice, anti-sex legislation.

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