In brief: Y’all need to get alarmed. Right now. The all-out assault on bodily autonomy is having a record year and it’s in your backyard.

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This was one of those scheduled spots where the host and I hardly knew how to limit the scope of news and commentary. The long and the short of it is the all-out assault on bodily autonomy is happening where you are. I promise. 322 provisions in 43 states — just in the first quarter of 2015. This is a record-setting pace.

Justice and I talked about what the laws mean, why they get proposed, and how they affect doctors and patients. I put it in context with the new book on abortion provider targeting “Living in the Crosshairs” that I reviewed for RH Reality Check. The goal is to make abortion completely inaccessible by every means necessary and available.

We also touched on my piece for The Frisky where I climbed back up on the “Soapbox” to dismantle a rape apology, victim blaming bullshit article from Elle Magazine. The way we talk about consent matters and an outlet that massive saying it doesn’t is unconscionable.

Links to on-air references:

My piece for RHRC: "‘Living in the Crosshairs’ Puts Human Face on Grim Clinic Violence Statistics”

My interview at Upworthy: "Can spa-like surroundings help reduce the stigma surrounding abortion?”

"Kansas Limits Abortion Method, Opening a New Line of Attack” at The New York Times

My piece at The Frisky: "The Soapbox: How We Talk About Consent Absolutely Matters”

The awesome Melissa McEwan on the Elle Magazine nonsense: ”Let’s Talk (More) About Sex”

Note: If you haven’t yet, please check out my new ”#GetWell2015 series! I’m detailing all the uncomfortable messiness of what it takes to get well in this country. I’m personally navigating insurance (still a thing despite ACA), talking mental health and poverty stigma, and discussing the obstacles to care.

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